❈ Northern lights - Aurora borealis ❈

River Ounasjoki at 21.11.2019

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The Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis

The Finnish Lapland is one of the best locations in the world to observe the northern lights. This is why people from all around the world come here to see the magic lights. There are even specially organized tours from Japan and from Central Europe that bring tourists to Enontekiö every winter to see the northern lights.

The northern lights, the fascinating phenomenon of the night, have quite many names and stories about how they began and where they came from. Are they old spirits who make fires on the fells, or is it the red fox who is running on the mountains and whose tail is sparking against the ground? Who knows, although the northern lights have always predicted something to happen....! Some say that they can even be heard!

At Enontekiö the northern lights can be seen from late August until March. If the sky is clear, the possibility to see the northern lights is quite high four to five nights a week. The best time is generally between 21-03 (9 pm-3 am). There are several forecast websites where you can see what is happening on the sky, for example Aurora Forecast and Auroras Now. But remember: even if the forecast is not promising, always go outside the house and away from all the surrounding lights, and you might be surprised!

Just remember to have warm clothing and keep your camera ready!

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Images by Tomi Valo